Plainview Massapequa Levittown Oral and Implant Surgery

Longing for a flawless complexion? A face without wrinkles or fine lines? You can look years younger in just a day with BOTOX® and facial fillers.

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—a purified protein–
Is injected into facial muscles,
causing them to relax rather than contract.

Wrinkle Relaxer—Non-Surgical Solution—Fine Line Reducer

Dermal fillers

—made of hydraulic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body—
add volume, lifting cheeks, smoothing lines, and plumping lips.

Add Contour—Lift Cheeks—Smooth Skin

The Most Minor Cosmetic Procedures Available


Take preventative action. Get started when your lines begin to stay.

Benefits of BOTOX®

  • Smooths skin
  • Softens wrinkles
  • Diminishes fine lines
  • Refreshes appearance
  • Restores youthful look

What Our Patients are Saying

Plainview Massapequa Levittown Oral and Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews.

Patient Testimonial by kristin p

I had an awful experience 2 years ago, when I had tooth #15 extracted, by another surgeon, in another office in Garden City. I was given injections and some 'laughing gas' . Remained awake (even though I was a HBP patient.) The tooth did not want to come out!! And I heard everything which terrified me more. I did not write a review, because I felt, maybe, 'it was just me'. Yesterday, although I was scared, I choose IV sedation (Twilight Sleep) and truly, it IS THE WAY to go if you have high blood pressure issues, as I do. I went from speaking to Cathy..mid-sentence, speaking to Cathy about something else, because it was ALL OVER!!! I was walked to the other room, where my husband met me, and then into the car and home. I changed the gauze three times, as was directed, began my antibiotic, and had room temperature Chamomile tea and soft pasta for dinner. I was in NO PAIN, yesterday, nor today. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Fleischman and his staff. I. only, hope that I was a cooperative patient, and that my tooth was easy to extract...since I have NO RECALL . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- kristin p

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Alyssa R

I was sent over for an emergency lancing on an abscess from the dentist next door, it was close to 5pm. They were getting ready to close for a meeting, but without hesitation, they got me in and they were all so very compassionate as I was in horrific pain. Dr. F was so nice and gave great needles, which I hate, but eased my pain immediately best he could. (still swollen and sore after, but nothing like when I went in) When I had to come back for a post op drain removal, they knew I was on my lunch break and whisked me in and got me out really quickly. I have nothing but great things to say about this practice and their staff, especially for my first visit.

- Alyssa R

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Lorayne M

Dr Daniel Fleischman and his staff were wonderful. I was petrified going in for my tooth extraction but quickly knew that I was in good and caring hands. The Doctor and his Medical Assistant were professional yet concerned with my feelings as a nervous patient. The extraction went well. I thank them wholeheartedly and will be recommending them to anyone needing oral surgery.

- Lorayne M

5 out of 5 stars on

Plainview Massapequa Levittown Oral and Implant Surgery

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