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Plainview Massapequa Levittown Oral and Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews.

Patient Testimonial by kristin p

I had an awful experience 2 years ago, when I had tooth #15 extracted, by another surgeon, in another office in Garden City. I was given injections and some 'laughing gas' . Remained awake (even though I was a HBP patient.) The tooth did not want to come out!! And I heard everything which terrified me more. I did not write a review, because I felt, maybe, 'it was just me'. Yesterday, although I was scared, I choose IV sedation (Twilight Sleep) and truly, it IS THE WAY to go if you have high blood pressure issues, as I do. I went from speaking to Cathy..mid-sentence, speaking to Cathy about something else, because it was ALL OVER!!! I was walked to the other room, where my husband met me, and then into the car and home. I changed the gauze three times, as was directed, began my antibiotic, and had room temperature Chamomile tea and soft pasta for dinner. I was in NO PAIN, yesterday, nor today. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Fleischman and his staff. I. only, hope that I was a cooperative patient, and that my tooth was easy to extract...since I have NO RECALL . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- kristin p

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Patient Testimonial by Alyssa R

I was sent over for an emergency lancing on an abscess from the dentist next door, it was close to 5pm. They were getting ready to close for a meeting, but without hesitation, they got me in and they were all so very compassionate as I was in horrific pain. Dr. F was so nice and gave great needles, which I hate, but eased my pain immediately best he could. (still swollen and sore after, but nothing like when I went in) When I had to come back for a post op drain removal, they knew I was on my lunch break and whisked me in and got me out really quickly. I have nothing but great things to say about this practice and their staff, especially for my first visit.

- Alyssa R

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Patient Testimonial by Lorayne M

Dr Daniel Fleischman and his staff were wonderful. I was petrified going in for my tooth extraction but quickly knew that I was in good and caring hands. The Doctor and his Medical Assistant were professional yet concerned with my feelings as a nervous patient. The extraction went well. I thank them wholeheartedly and will be recommending them to anyone needing oral surgery.

- Lorayne M

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Patient Testimonial by Sigalit K

I had pain the morning of, went to my dentist immediately. He recommended me to this group and stated any one of the doctors there is great. I called and spoke with Michelle. I explained to her the situation and that I must be seen today. She was so pleasant and kind and said not to worry I will be seen and she will take care of it all quickly. She did exactly that. She also informed me how to get all the new patient forms online and to fill them out and will call my dentist for the films and reports. She will be looking out for them. She really set the tone for the office. Upon arriving my check in was very quick and pleasant. Dr. Kneller and his entire staff are just incredibly kind and patient. Let me also mention he's a very talented surgeon and knowledgeable. The gentleman who took my panorama x-ray explained everything in detail as he was taking the x-ray with such kindness. The assistants in the room as the procedure was being done were truly caring. Kept asking if I was ok and if I need anything at all. upon check out I was told if I experience any discomfort, pain etc. to just come on in. No office does this in todays world. I know this is a very long review but very well deserved from a very happy patient who happens to work in the medical field.

- Sigalit K

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Patient Testimonial by Stephen G

This office is amazing from the initial appointment over the phone to Dr.Bacigalupo and his surgery staff all knowledgeable and courtesy throughout the whole procedure and how comfortable they make you feel,best choice I made.

- Stephen G

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Patient Testimonial by Steven B

Dr Bacigalupo and his staff were just amazing. Very professional, Extremely considerate of giving me a pain free experience.What a wonderful experience Thank you all

- Steven B

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Patient Testimonial by Mike L

I got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Bacigalupo at the beginning of the year. From the first visit to the end of the procedure I was impressed by the professionalism of the Doctor and his staff. Smooth recovery with little to no pain which speaks volumes for this procedure.

- Mike L

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Patient Testimonial by Elayne W

Dr Jurman and his staff are very professional and you could ask them as many questions and they will answer it without getting annoyed. I would recommend Dr Jurman to my friends and family because that's how great he is.

- Elayne Weinberg w

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Patient Testimonial by Henry M

If you have to get dental work this is a great place. The senior Doc Barry Bass is as warm, friendly & calming as he is competent . His demeanor carries on to entire staff. His staff is as courteous and competent as Doc Bass is. His experience helped him figure out a way for me to have less surgery than another dentist I visited suggested, which reduced my costs I now have the implants and they're Just was the entire experience.

- Henry Montag

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Patient Testimonial by Valarie G

The office is incredibly well-run. Every time I’ve spoken to someone on the phone, they have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

- Valarie G

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Patient Testimonial by Namrata N

I am very happy with the service and office ambience and cleanliness. I had 2 wisdom tooth removed and both times I had great experience. The service is great, the doctors are caring and great. I would definitely recommend their service. I wish there are more doctor's service like Plainview Oral.


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Patient Testimonial by Elayne W

Dr Jurman and his staff in Massapequa and Plainview are very professional and very caring people. They work very hard. If I ever have a mouth issue needing an oral surgeon, 1st choice Dr. Jurman.

- Elayne W

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Patient Testimonial by Edward S

Had a lot of trouble with getting my insurance company to process my claim. Lisa went above and beyond to get my claim processed. Very pleasant office personal, very pleased with how they treated me. Dr Bass was excellent also had back bottom tooth pulled without any significant pain. Tooth pulled at 2:30 went and worked 4:00 - midnight tour right after. No infection, no drama!

- Edward S

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Patient Testimonial by Ariel C B

I have never been in worse pain in life then I was before my surgery. I did not have an appointment, but I was taken in as an emergency. The staff and nurses were so supportive and comforting, they did everything they could do fit us in despite not having an appointment. Dr. Scharfenberger explained exactly what he was going to do, clearly and succinctly, and then did it perfectly. I cannot express how grateful my wife and I are for everything that was done for us. This practice is undeniably the best around, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

- Ariel C B

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Patient Testimonial by Elizabeth S

I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg to my loved ones!

- Elizabeth S

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Patient Testimonial by Noori N

My co worker referred me and was able to make a quick appointment, called on Wednesday 2pm and made an appointment for Friday 10am. Went for a consultation and came out with my wisdom tooth out. Was able to go back to work in 1 hour and able to work painlessly till 5. Totally nice and friendly staff especially the lady in front.

- Noori N

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Patient Testimonial by Ethan j

He is my dad

- Ethan j

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Patient Testimonial by Malgorzata P

Someone recommended this office to me and I'm very satisfied with the surgery and my follow up visits . I had extraction of my two wisdom teeth and will be happy to return for the third one once I'm completely healed. The doctor did a great job and I will recommend the place to all my friends. Staff is knowledgeable, nice and helpful. The whole experience exceeded my expectations.

- Malgorzata P

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