Patient Testimonial by kristin p

I had an awful experience 2 years ago, when I had tooth #15 extracted, by another surgeon, in another office in Garden City. I was given injections and some 'laughing gas' . Remained awake (even though I was a HBP patient.) The tooth did not want to come out!! And I heard everything which terrified me more. I did not write a review, because I felt, maybe, 'it was just me'. Yesterday, although I was scared, I choose IV sedation (Twilight Sleep) and truly, it IS THE WAY to go if you have high blood pressure issues, as I do. I went from speaking to Cathy..mid-sentence, speaking to Cathy about something else, because it was ALL OVER!!! I was walked to the other room, where my husband met me, and then into the car and home. I changed the gauze three times, as was directed, began my antibiotic, and had room temperature Chamomile tea and soft pasta for dinner. I was in NO PAIN, yesterday, nor today. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Fleischman and his staff. I. only, hope that I was a cooperative patient, and that my tooth was easy to extract...since I have NO RECALL . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- kristin p

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